Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Divine Fortune, Loving His Job"

It's been a year since the Steeplechasing world lost one of their stars.  Following Divine Fortune and his many victories and watching the heart and soul of a champion here at the Iroquois Race Day was a privilege over these past years.  I'm so glad I got to follow his story even though from afar.  I had a chance to see how much this horse was LOVED by Keri Brion Wolfsont and all of his connections.  I only had a chance to experience Fortune from behind the lens of my camera, but he was an inspiration. When I had some time to choose a painting that I wanted to do and was not commissioned to do....I knew it had to be Divine Fortune.  So here he is, inspired by that rainy day here in Nashville with Darren Nagle riding....ears up and ready to run.