Saturday, March 2, 2013

A busy beginning of the year!

Is it March 2nd already ?  Yes,it seems so.  The beginning of this year started with a bucket list trip to Sydney Australia and New Zealand with my hubby.  How many pictures did I take? Well, put it this way, thank goodness for the invention of digital photography.  I'm thinking that it was around
1500 shots.  I came away with lots and lots of wonderful inspiration for future paintings.  We knew that we would love it down under and we were not disappointed.
Here are just a few snapshots that I pulled from the lot....... first is the Sydney Opera House, of course one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.
Onward to Tasmania and the original site of the penal colony at Port Arthur. 
So many beautiful vistas around Dunedin, New Zealand with it's Scottish heritage apparent. This view was leaving Dunedin.
After a visit to Akaroa and Wellington, we made our way to a sheep station at Clifton Bay, New Zealand. 
Enjoyed a great day walking around Mt. Maunganui in New Zealand.... some people we met there said it reminded them alot of the Monterrey Bay area of California.
Arriving in Auckland....we drove across the countryside to the West Coast and the beautiful
Piha beach.  Also visited a rainforest area and enjoyed a relaxing hike to appreciate the local flora and fauna.
Stopped by the Bay of Islands in North New Zealand where the weather warmed up a bit and headed back to Sydney on "Australia Day" Arrived with a big celebration in the harbor with Tall Ships and such.  It reminded me of our Fourth of July celebrations, fireworks and all.  
Well....I left out a lot, but I don't believe in disgustingly long blogs.  If I included everything I would have broken that rule! 

After arriving home and visiting family to celebrate my mother in law's 90th birthday and a trip to the Frist Museum with my son to enjoy the Dutch Masters exhibit....I'm so full of inspiration, I'm about ready to burst.  That's a good thing because I only have 9 weeks until my solo show at Belle Meade Plantation opens and I'll be in the studio with blinders on until then!