Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Snowman and Harry" official painting presentation at the Kentucky Horse Park 2013

I promised more pictures from Hat's Off Day at the Kentucky Horse Park and so here we go....let's start with this one that Len snapped.....

He captured the moment just as the painting of "Snowman and Harry" was being presented to Bill Cooke, the director of the International Museum of the Horse.  On the right is Harry de Leyer giving the thumbs up sign!  Elizabeth Letts, the author of the book "The 80 dollar champion" is hidden in this shot but she is standing next to Harry in the pink shirt.  I am next in the purple sweater.  Dr. Tom Riddle from Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington is holding the painting.  Bill Cooke, the director of The International Museum of the Horse is next to Tom and to the far left is John Nicholson, the executive director of The Kentucky Horse Park.   Standing center ring at the Rolex stadium with the painting image on the jumbo tron......looking at the one and only Harry de Leyer's reassuring smile and wink..... I couldn't have even dreamed that up......It is a moment that I will not forget. 
 I love this shot of Harry de Leyer during our tour of Spy Coast Farm in Lexington, KY.  He has a such a kind face.......because he is a kind person.
A surprise for all of us was to see the "80 dollar Champion" book cover jump standards at the Rood and Riddle $50,000 Grand Prix competition at Rolex Stadium that evening.  

After dinner in the sponsors tent I was happy to snap this shot of two "Hall of Famers" having a chance to finally meet.  Chris McCarron and Harry de Leyer. 

Good thing Len remembered to snap this picture of me and the head portrait of Snowman that I completed for the live auction event sponsored by Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital for the benefit of The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation and The Kentucky Equine Humane Center.  It wasn't even dry when it was wisked off to the auction block.  It now has a new home at a beautiful farm in Paris, Kentucky.