Saturday, November 19, 2011

Portrait of Tex

Yesterday I shipped my latest commission off to it's owners in Wisconsin. It was a joy to paint a paint! (Okay... my little attempt at humor.) The clients sent good references from which I could work. I never did have the opportunity to meet this horse in life....but he sure does look like he's got personality plus. In the perfect world I get to meet all of my subjects in life...but sometimes that's not possible and a combination of various photo references can work well to achieve the final painting. So, here's to "Tex" and his new home.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Morning Surprise at Lakehill

This morning I had a visitor just outside my studio window......this sweet deer seemed to be
saying "who me?....I'm not eating your hostas". ( I'm thinking this will have to be a painting at some point !) For many years we never saw deer in our backyard...until hubby started gardening.....then here they are visiting and looking for those nice green tomatoes. A friend suggested that you simply plant a big enough garden to feed yourselves and the animals ! Good advice I think except that it's going to have to be a very big garden.