Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Horse in Vieste, Italy

I'm always looking for horses wherever we travel. My husband loves Italy and because of him I love it too. My only complaint is that we rarely see horses there in our travels. Granted, the rolling vineyards are breathtaking but the views of grazing horses are few and far between.
Last year we spent some time staying at a small coastal resort town called Vieste ( if you see the “spur” of the boot of Italy…that’s Vieste) It has beautiful white cliffs falling into flat sands and calm waters of the Adriatic. We were walking along the base of the cliffs near the town when we heard hoof beats! As a guy was leading his horse down to the beach, his friend pulls up in a small car beside the two of them. This picture is what I snapped as I saw the horse being exercised Italian style….. two guys in a little car, talking and smoking; one with his hand stuck out the window leading the horse at a slow trot with their little dog following behind. I love to see how the Italians sometimes do have a different way of doing things!

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La dolce vita!!!!