Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Mural Mosaic Project

My contribution to the "Cadeau du Cheval, The Horse Gift" Mural Mosaic has been packed and shipped to Alberta. It's panel #5 all the way on the top left area. I still check the mural site a lot to see if I can see what new paintings have been added. It's like a game of "where's waldo"at this point, as the paintings are really filling in the space. (Warning... time flies as you're checking out all the paintings and reading the artists comments! Addictive in a good way.) I've been impressed with the attention to detail that the artists in charge have shown from the beginning, they've been great to work with..... Check it out...just go to :

I've posted the original panel that arrived in the mail to me back in May. I took one look at it and couldn't imagine anything else but a big log jump. That's probably because my friend and I just got back from the Rolex 3 day event and I guess I still had the images of those monster sized hurdles on my mind ! The colors were not in my usual pallete for sure, so it was an adventure to slather on all that purple and electric green and blue! Can't wait to see the final mural image after it's unveiled at Spruce Meadows in Canada in September.

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